“A mediocre teacher tells a good teacher explains a superior teacher demonstrates but a great teacher inspires.” 

PACE is all about determination, perseverance, commitment, hardwork, sincerity & passion. We at PACE strongly believe that for us teaching is not a profession but a passion. The atmosphere in class room is quite friendly which foster creativity.
All the notes are systematically compiled, edited & designed in most lucid language so that students can understand easily.

Remember, studies in class are not a sport of spectator, you cannot afford to watch a teacher teaching in the class. You have to be a participator rather than a spectator.

If you are determined, sincere & disciplined no one can stop you from becoming an outstanding chartered accountant.
Friends, I am always there for your help & guidance. Feel free to meet me & to discuss any or all your problems. At the end set, let us determine to leave no stone unturned to make your dreams come true.

“If you have the will we will carve out the way.”

“Success belongs to those who dare dream about it”


C.A. is effort demanding but very much attainable too. I strongly believe that

“If you desire something hard enough then things would automatically & magically manifest themselves.”

CA is perceived somewhat difficult by many students but the teaching methodology at PACE makes even the most difficult subject seems like a child’s play. Every teacher knows that 1+1=2


but the way it is presented & communicated separates one teacher from other.