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Q1) There is a meeting to organize. Do you,

Q2) The company you work for, has formulated a set of rules for it's employees. Is it your opinion that,

Q3) You have interviewed someone for a job vacancy in your organisation. You decide to take him/her because

Q4) If you are thinking of getting married, and have some idea of the sort of life partner you want (or, if you had to choose your spouse all over again!) what would you look for?

Q5) When you go to the supermarket, do you

Q6) When you have time for yourself, you are happiest to spend it

Q7) While listening to or taking part in a discussion do you usually feel that

Q8) When you are introduced to someone, are you certain that the next time you see him, you'll remember him by

Q9) Which part of the day would you choose for doing your best work

Q10) If you go to a concert hall to see a play and the usherer says you may choose wherever you'd to sit, would you take a seat on

Test complete! Thank you for you time.

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